35-Day CSE Prelims Revision Study Guide

GS revision module for Prelims

Each day for one month, Revise 4 IAS will send you an e-mail with specific activities and to-dos to help you prepare for your CSE-Prelims. After 35 days, you will be ready to take CSE Prelims and increase your chances to succeed! Over 45,000 UPSC aspirants have already signed up and studied using our FREE CSE Prelims Revision Study Guide!

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Day 1 - Get Comfy with Paper 1 General Studies

Day 2 - Getting to Know the trend of various Section

Day 3 Get Going  

Day 4 We start Geography & Environment too!

Day 5 Basic but crucial!

Day 6 Lets look at General science too Physics today!!

Day 7 Good going !! New method for the day!

Day 8 - Little about RBI is must to know. Read on

Day 9 Some basic core area

Day 10 Core areas and some Mapping activity

Day 11 - straight topics

Day 12 few more core zone topics

Day 13 Indian Agriculture a multi perspective topic

Day 14 Just keep it up!!

Day 15 Frequently asked area

Day 16 - Frequently asked zone!!

Day 17 We Take a break! Revise the revised

Day 18 - Time to gear up

Day 19 - Topics that cant be ignored!!

Day 20 Topics and Some more!

Day 21 - Basic but interesting topics!!

Day 22 Full Day Practice test-1

Day 23 All about Gandhiji today!!!!

Day 24 - Progressive topics!

Day 25 Good to know topics!

Day 26 The other topics!!

Day 27 further topics!!

Day 28 further other topics!!

Day 29 Few more topics

Day 30 Read them through topics!!

Day 31 Be aware of such topics!

Day 32 Get completing the topics

Day 33 Finish them today topics!!

Day 34 Recharge Your Batteries

Day 35 Final Day of Revision!!

Start Date : 2023-03-05

End Date : 2023-05-27

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