Personalised Mentoring Program Interview

Personalised Mentoring Program Interview

1. What is Personalised Mentoring Program?

One-2-One interaction sessions by the mentor. Which includes working on all aspect of improvement through regular interaction.

2. Is this program available online or offline mode?

This is available online only.

3. Detail of the Sessions of program

Sessions Detail Outcome Duration
SESSION 1 : Personality Analysis Know yourself Profile 1 hr - 1.5 hrs
SESSION 2 : DAF Analysis Question threads from DAF 1 hr - 1.5 hrs
Session 3 : Interview Orientation* Goal clarity & UPSC Board Experience 2 hrs (Multiple Sessions)
Session 4: Current Affair Brush Up* Relevant Current Affair as per profile 2 hrs (Multiple Sessions)
Session 5: Speak Out* Individual Counselling 2 hrs (Multiple Sessions)

*To be scheduled as per final UPSC Interview date of candidate

4. Will there be any group session?

No , This is designed one-2-one mentoring and is done to maintain anonymity of candidate.

5. Requirements if any ?

  • Zoom/Google meet : for Online Sessions
  • Whatsapp : For regular communications

6. How shall the session be scheduled?

All the session will be scheduled as per availability of candidate and mentor. The final interview date of UPSC will determine the exact session plan for each candidate. The program will be over at least before 7 days of final interview date.

7. Which language medium is the program?

The session will be taken in English and Hindi as comfortable for the candidate. Both the medium candidates can undertake the session

8. I have already appeared CSE interview. Will this program be suitable for me?

This program is designed for repeat attempters to improve and become better version of themselves. The UPSC experience is wide enough to commit mistakes and needs constant guidance or mentoring to learn from the mistakes to improve upon the performance in each attempt.

9. I have qualified for the first time in the interview. Will this program be suitable for me?

Revise4IAS is basically towards repeat attempters who have experienced each stage of UPSC at least once.

You are open to join the program but managing the anxiety is key to the outcome irrespective of the attempt. If you benefit from the sessions then it is good for you. In case you feel you can invest same time for better preparation then its advisable to do it as the time for preparation is finite and limited.

10. Will this cover any Mock interview ?

No, the program doesn’t include mock session. Candidates are advised to attend mock sessions and discuss their queries and performance with the mentor.

11. What is the Fees?

The program fee is INR 3000 Only.

12. What is the payment condition?

Candidate pays the fee only when the name is in final list of successful candidates. In fact we would be happy to get paid once the candidate receives the first salary as a Civil Servant trainee.

13. What is about anonymity and privacy of my data?

The ideal candidate is focused towards achieving the result to become civil servant and usually keeps a low profile in the preparation phase. We support the mindset and hence we only showcase our performance in numbers.

14. What are the success numbers for last years?

  • For CSE 2021 from the 7 enrolled for program, 6 made it into final list. 2 in the top 100.
  • For CSE 2020 Program could not be launched due to COVID pandemic.
  • For CSE 2019 from the 9 enrolled for program, 7 made it into final list.
  • For CSE 2018 from the 4 enrolled for program, 3 made it into final list
  • For CSE 2017 from the 7 enrolled for program 4 made it into final list.

15. Will this be recorded session?

The session will be recorded only for internal purpose and are property of revise4ias

16. Will my name be used in marketing or promotion of revise4ias ?

No, As per our policy we do not use name or photograph of our students to promote any program. We only go referral basis. Revise4IAS.com is the helping hand to complement the effort of prepared candidate for better outcome.

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